Remember everything I talk about in this blog is normally related to bipolar – unless it isn’t then the title will most likely reveal that.

My tag is Bipolar 1 (psychotic features). I also sit on the autism spectrum – swinging along quite happily by the way as I have been this way forever and nothing changes it. My ‘issues’ are taste, touch, smell and sound. I’m VERY fussy with food due to what I call an over-taste and the texture of many foods make me want to or actually puke. I am especially sensitive to any food that has a firm skin on it or a mixed texture. I also avoid many situations and places but am not sure if that is because of bipolar or anxiety – or the whole lot. May as well throw it all in the bag.

I take drugs for bipolar. One for the ups and one for the downs. I take another one for anxiety and when I am psychotic I would have to take another one (or more). I have only taken these drugs for two years. For the decades previously I ‘coped’ with illegal drugs, alcohol and other ‘behaviours’. ”

Drugs often get a bad rap and getting off the drugs is the holy grail to many. There are many dickheads out there that have the solution for you – just hand over your money. Buy the books, watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, read the forums, read the blogs and it won’t be long until you are down that rabbit hole. I have been down that rabbit hole for decades. There is no ‘cure’. Anyone who tells you there is a cure is a fucking liar. Anyone who tells you there are ways to cope better have ‘some’ credibility.

If you are worried about drugs then I suggest you look at the foods you eat and educate yourself of what’s in that food, how it’s made and so on. You will be surprised! Drugs help many people – myself included. They don’t solve all my problems with bipolar but they certainly tone things down a notch or two.

I started on the drugs because my last psychotic episode was so bad I was trying to smash through the mirror in my bathroom and created an entire universe in my bedroom. I was threatened with the psych ward unless I accepted medication. So I did and I am glad. These drugs might not last forever, I might need some adjustments, some changes but that’s how it goes with any medical condition.

So don’t tell me or others that drugs are bad – it makes you sound like a dick.

Educate yourself and others.

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