Bipolar Fuckery

Bipolar is the catch phrase for many. For those that don’t actually suffer the illness, they say shit like “Hey I’m feeling bipolar as fuck. Hey I’m soooo manic right now.”

No – no you’re not, you’re an idiot or probably had a hard day at work, blown too much crack or generally just a dick.

Bipolar is a cunt of a thing and the people who live with it are quite often cunts too – to themselves and to others. Living with someone suffering the illness can be hard. Being the one with the illness is a nightmare.

If I see one more celebrity who has got it all together because they got the right help, eat the right food, take the right yoga classes and have the right relationship with themselves – well I’ll vomit. Only because I don’t have a gun to shoot their kneecaps,

Bipolar isn‘t the in thing. Just because it’s a spectrum swing doesn’t mean everyone is on it somewhere which is what someone said to me not long ago. Flippant, arrogant and just fucking ignorant is where that kind of thinking comes from.

People are killing themselves each day (not just those suffering bipolar) and yet we still have wankfesters all over the place wanting to be a popular bipolar guru. Well fuck you and your ignorance of the bullshit that goes with living the nightmare called bipolar. Fuck you also to the people who think it’s a crock of shit and we need to just get over it, get a life or stop being drama queens, victims, attention seekers etc etc fucking etc.

Because let me assure you – us fuckers with bipolar don’t take medications that have side affects and other complications for the hell of it. We take them in the hope of feeling normal. We don’t feel normal though, we just feel like it’s been pushed down. A bit toned down until the fucking illness comes up laughing in our face once again. We take meds to make our loved ones feel like we are trying to get better.We take them to try and not put a fucking fist through your brain or hang ourselves from the roof.

So if you are not bipolar – don’t give us your unsolicited advice on how to get our life into order. Concentrate more on making yourself less of  dick.




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